Najam Sethi faces humiliation during PSL final at Lahore

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Lahorities today demonstrated their love for cricket and the country but their hatred towards PCB defacto chief Najam Sethi and his bosses.

The moment Sethi came to the stage and started addressing the spectators at the Pakistan Super League Final 2017 at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore today he was booed. “‘Go Nawaz Go were the chants to stop Sethi from his speech. However, Sethi continued unabated.”  Sethi has to conclude his speech seeing the hostile mood of the spectators.

How many times the people will tell Mr Sethi that they do not like his role as PCB defacto chief. He should better concentrate his anchor-ship, the area of his expertise. Sethi has nothing to do with cricket why doesn’t he realise this.

What happened to him during the PSL final is more than enough for any dignified man. – Pak Destiny

People chanting Go Nawaz Go when Sethi started speech. Watch Video



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