Najam Sethi sets off new controversy with his promo about his talk show on new channel – AAP

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By Shoaib Wahab

The new promo of Najam Sethi on new channel “AAP” has created controversy on social media.
In the video Najam Sethi showed that army, PTI, PMLN and PPP are trying to shoot a flying sparrow and black dog is barking.

All of them failed to shoot the sparrow as it was it belonged to Sethi. Sethi made a deliberate attempt to create a controversy through his promotional promo.

Perhaps the former PCB chairman is so desperate to get his old position in media back that he could go to any extend. Let’s see how Najam Sethi manages to work with another loose cannon Aftab Iqbal.

Many are wondering who is behind such a huge investment in AAP channel in the time when Pakistani media industry is in unprecedented financial crisis. There must be something fishy in this kahani. Pak Destiny


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