Najam Sethi violating court order by indulging in ‘hiring and firing’

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad, July 16 ( PCB ‘caretaker’ chief Najam Sethi has violated the Islamabad High court order by making the appointment of a chief selector of Pakistan Cricket Team.
Sethi should better pinpoint his own court violation in his progrmme ‘apas ki baat’ as his media group (Geo) will make no hue and cry on it and other media groups seem to be subservient to it.
The Supreme Court may take notice of this blatant violation and summon Sethi for his ‘wrongdoing’.
Earlier, the court had ordered him not to make ‘hiring and firing’ related decisions as his role should be restricted to manage PCB affairs for 90 days only.
Poor Moin Khan got the post of chief selector but he my be aware that it is illegal and the court can take note of it any moment. – Pak Destiny


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