PML-N ‘politely’ refuses US ambassadorship to Najam Sethi

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Jun 4 ( The PML-N leadership has ‘politely’ refused ambassadorship of the US to TV anchor Najam Sethi.
Sethi, whose lovely days in the office of caretaker chief minister are going to over in two days time (June 6), has suddenly become an admirer of the Sharifs especially Shahbaz.
Sethi has declared Shahbaz’s Metro Bus Service project ‘incredible’ and praised him for his good governance in Punjab.
So much so Sethi termed the rigging allegations of PPP and appointment of Shahbaz’s favourites bureaucrats for the purpose as “baseless”.
Why suddenly Sethi has turned ‘pro-Sharifs’ the reason is quite understandable as he has expressed his wish to become the ambassador in the US.
Source told Pak Destiny that the Sharifs earlier had told him that they were seriously considering him for the post but now only two days of the caretaker government are left the Sharifs politely refused him.
Poor Sethi will eventually be back on his talk show “Apas ki baat’ on Geo TV.
Many in the journalism profession predict that like Dr Shahid Masood he will be a ‘dead horse’ in the journalism as he has lost his worth and credibility after becoming a caretaker CM on PPP nomination. – Pak destiny

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