Nawaz comes to Imran’s rescue in Parliament over TLP demand to expel French envoy to please establishment

  • Nawaz fooling people over his sham fight for supremacy of democracy
  • Nawaz and PMLN never miss a chance of boot licking and they proved in this case
Nawaz comes to Imran's rescue in Parliament over TLP demand to expel French envoy to please establishment

By Irum Saleem

PMLN on Tuesday proved to be a party of pure establishment after rescuing Prime Minister Imran Khan in Parliament on the issue of French ambassador’s expulsion.

What a shame for PMLN as on the one hand it’s leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz openly criticise the army chief and other other generals for interfering in politics and on the other this party is always keen to take dictation from the establishment.

When PPP boycotted the Parliamentary session on Tuesday asking PM Khan to solely deal with the TLP demands, it was PMLN that on a single phone call from the powerful quarters extended it’s help to struggling Imran… What a shame for Nawaz, Maryam and their party.

The PMLN must have licked the boots to get some future benefit. Had PMLN boycotted the assembly session on Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) demands Imran Khan and PTI would have been in dire straits.

Once a party of establishment always a party of establishment. Nawaz should stop fooling the people especially PMLN workers that he is fighting for supremacy of democracy. Nawaz never misses a chance of boot licking like any other politician.

Nawaz by supporting Khan in Parliament has again proved that he is finding a chance to please establishment so that he could get to power after Imran. PAK DESTINY

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