What next after Imran Khan — same old faces?

What next after Imran Khan -- same old faces?

By Fayyaz Butt

Today I read Imran Khan’s PTI’s vision from its website — https://www.insaf.pk/content/manifesto to confirm my understanding that why I cast my vote to Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in 2018.

My understanding or PTI goals were: Foundation of PTI shall be delivery of Justice and egalitarianism (equality) based system as guided by the Prophet (PBUH); An egalitarian (democratic) society shall base on the rule of law and economic justice; PTI shall make Pakistan as first welfare state in the history of mankind; People of Pakistan are the wealth of Pakistan; A Pakistan where all shall be equal before the law and where all have equal access to health, education and opportunity in every field.

     But PTI comprehensively failed to deliver on all promises it made in its manifesto.

I have few questions — Did IK fail or his vision failed? Does this failure allow us to give escape route to IK or does this failure allow us to continue voting for traditional politicians. Maximum damage to Pakistan has been done by IK, according to many voices. IK has not killed our hopes but also willingness to cast vote in future. I don’t want to cast my vote to traditional politicians but I think we don’t have much choice.

       After the failure of IK, it seems the people and establishment’s choice is the old faces. PAK DESTINY

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