New Qatari alliance to rule Pakistan?

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By Slim Naushani

After SC rejected the Qatari letters, and sent Nawaz Sharif packing ….. the selection of Shahid Khaqan Abassi as Interim PM and Shahbaz Sharif as next PM are important.

Sudden arrival of notorious character of past Saifur Rehman today at PM House wasn’t ordinary.
Nawaz’s plan is to ensure that he protects the Qatari deal.

In years ahead the Qatari Alliance shall rule Pakistan. The main characters involved in the deal are Saif ur Rehman, Khaqan Abassi, Shahbez Sharif and Qatari Prince; four major actors in notorious 15 year long LNG deal and is part and parcel of Qatari Alliance in Pakistan.

When media people and others asked details about the LNG deal according to which Pakistan is supposed to pay millions, Shahid Khaqan Abassi and Shahbaz told the the deal is secret and cannot be shared in public.

lng scam,kamran khan

The same policy is being maintained by Ahsan Iqbal and Shahbaz in case of CPEC projetcs.

So Abbasi becomes PM for 45 day followed by Shahbaz to complete the tenure and to ensure all tricky parts of the deal and complete it’s target in the face of hapless Pakistanis who have to always pay dearly for the corruption by such leaders. Pak Destiny


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