‘Oscar winning performance’ of Zahir Jaffer may not impress judges and provide him relief

'Oscar winning performance' of Zahir Jaffer may not impress judges and provide him relief

By Raza Ruman

   AND the Oscar goes to brutal murderer — Zahir Jaffer‘s sudden onset of “insanity” as his trial for the beheading murder of girlfriend Noor Mukadam inches to closing arguments this week.

   The filthy rich parents of this evil are trying their best to hoodwink the Pakistani judicial system.

     People on social media blasted the Jaffar and his family for playing with the justice system.

   “Murderer & Rapist #zahirjaffer is playing delaying tactics & pretending himself mentally disorder If anyone had been poor, he would have been sentenced to death by now.

The Justice system is getting suspicious but still looking for justice for #noormukadam in the darkness,” says Ammar Abbasi.

    Hamza said: “Zahir Jaffer who is the Chief Brand Strategist of Ahmed Jaffer & Company Pvt Ltd and a former therapist at #TherapyWorks now pretends to be mentally unwell in an attempt to dupe the court and the people of Pakistan. #JusticeForNoor #NoorMukadam #NoorNeedsJustice #zahirjaffer.”

   “May #NoorMukadam get the highest of Justice in this world. May Justice prevail till the very end. May every #ZahirJaffer never escape accountability. Never! Ameen.”

    By this time the PTI government should have assisted well to the victim family to get the swift justice. Hopefully the fake performance of Jaffer will not impress judges and soon this monster get to the gallows. PAK DESTINY

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