Brutal murder of Sara by senior journalist Ayaz Amir’s son makes a grim reminder of Noor Muqadam episode

Brutal murder of Sara by senior journalist Ayaz Amir's son makes a grim reminder of Noor Muqadam episode

By Irum Saleem

   Twitter on Friday rocked by the brutal murder of Sara at the hands of her husband, Shahnawaz, the notorious son of so called political commentator Ayaz Amir.

    There has been wide spread condemnation on the cruel murderer.

     “If Zahir jaffer was sentenced to death publicaly and justice was served to Noor Mukadam. Today no Shah Nawaz would have dared to do this to Sara. They know they will escape the trial and will walk free. We will only end up chanting slogans for few days,” says Twitter user Ejaz.

   MPA Hina Butt says “Veteran journalist Ayaz Amir’s son Shahnawaz killed his wife in islamabad today. From Noor Mukadam to Mukhtara Mai voilence against women in Pakistan continues. I will do everything in my capacity to curb this. Prayers for the deceased.”

 Alvi says “What to say?? #SaraInam I assume, like Noor Muqadam must be educated, well aware with strong family background and this must be not first time she was abused.

Phir bhi shohar k ghar se janza hi nikla , couldn’t save herself and no one came to protect her.”

   Journalist Mehreen Zahra Malik says “Woman in #Pakistan killed by husband ‘with dumbbells,’ according to police who arrived after a call from neighbours. They said victim’s body was found in a bathtub with signs of torture. Murder weapon: dumbbells. This is too soon after.”

   You know what’s even more sick is that I haven’t seen anything int his from the ‘senior’ journalists or politicians. They were quick to react when it happened to Noor Mukkadam. Fraternity or scared because Ayyaz Amir may have something on them too? another user says.

  Dawn former editor says

 “This is as condemnable as Noor Muqqaddam’s murder. What is wrong with men. Being born in privilege and the ‘best’ formal education does not make their behaviour different to poor, uneducated men. Violence against women cuts across all socio-economic tiers. Will this ever change?”

 Let’s see how many demand for Shahnawaz’s public hanging. PAK DESTINY

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