Osman Buzdar- an incompetent Chief Minister of Punjab

Osman Buzdar- an incompetent Chief Minister of Punjab,Ghulam Haider Wyne

By Maryam Farooq Nisar

Osman Buzdar- an incompetent Chief Minister of Punjab Osman Buzdar has been facing grave condemnation since he was appointed as Chief Minister of Punjab by Imran Khan.PM declared that as long as the PTI’s government would continue to be in power, none but Mr. Buzdar would perform duties as the CM. This clearly depicts PM’s great liking for the blue-eyed Buzdar.

Not doubting Buzdar’s modesty and straightforwardness but good governance solely doesn’t rely on these traits. There have been many occasions where Buzdar has displayed his slow-wittedness and unskillfulness.

Buzdar lacks any erstwhile governmental know-how to handgrip the bureaucracy of Punjab. Can such a man be assigned with a massive charge of leading the most significant province of Pakistan who has for the very first time made it to Provincial Assembly? Time has proved that IK’s decision in this regard was abrupt and absurd.

Buzdar cannot be compared with Shahbaz Sharif, his energetic precursor whose administrative abilities and good governance were unmatched to his rivals. Being an unidentified player in the political field, Buzdar’s affiliation with PTI is also very recent.

Apart from all this, what has paved the way for IK to control Buzdar’s actions is his dearth of political skills to make important decisions independently. Well-aware about the opposition from within his party,
Buzdar soon after assuming office of the CM decided to get rid of his enemies. Instead of ousting his rivals he acted ‘wisely’ by banishing members from the treasury benches.

Buzdar was also aware that his opposition from within the party, especially from Lahore, would prove to be a major challenge for him during his tenure. Hence, when he rose from his seat after his election as the chief executive of the province, to thank the House, he decided to first shut up his detractors — not from the opposition benches, but from the treasury benches.

Buzdar has failed to come up to the expectations of Imran Khan even, who thought that effective authority would be certified in Punjab through the former. Unfortunately, Buzdar has always been the focal point of media conjectures about his forthcoming exodus.

Buzdar’s very own party associates, columnists and masses consider him as an unsuccessful administrator, and are peeved with his imprudent decisions.

The idea is gaining strength within PTI that if it loses acceptance in Punjab it would only be the result of Buzdar’s absurd decisions, which might lead to the party’s ultimate waning. — Pak Destiny

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