Pak bankers upset over Dar’s ‘strange’ economic steps

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Sept 23 ( The Pakistani banks are fast losing their cash as the people have started withdrawing their deposites because of the finance ministry’s step to bring moe businessmen to tax net.
Pak rupee is also likly to lose further value against foreign currenies primarily because of poor handling of economic affairs by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar.
Sources told Pak Destiny that the bankers had compalined to the government that businessmen were withdrawing huge cash because Mr Dar had asked the banks to provide the details of those who transact Rs5 million in a month. Dar wants to provide the list of such people to the FBR to bring them to tax net. It has created panic and banks are losing the huge cash.
On the other hand the US dollar would settle at Rs115. The bankers have urged the government to stop Dar from implementing this step. Pak Destiny


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