Pak-India Delhi cricket match was ‘fixed at official level’

By Qadeer Ahmed

Lahore, Jan 6 (www.pakdestiny.com) The Pak-India cricket match in Delhi was “fixed at official level”.
Informed sources told Pak Destiny that after losing two back to back matches the Indian Cricket Board asked the Pakistan Cricket Board to ‘gift’ the last match to it as it could not afford public wrath.
Pakistan could have easily chased small total of 168 but Misbah-led team had to follow the direction of its bosses.
You see the PCB has to keep the door of cricket open for its team in India in future as well and one match gift is not a big deal. (Pakdestiny)

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English Cricketer also says Pak-India Delhi One Day was fixed, Pak Destiny already broke the story

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