Pakistani actress Uzma Khan seeks FIR registration against property tycoon Malik Riaz’s daughters over ‘rumpy pumpy’

Pakistani actress Uzma Khan seeks FIR registration against property tycoon Malik Riaz's daughters over 'rumpy pumpy'

By Raza Ruman

Actress and model Uzma Khan has accused property tycoon Malik Riaz and her daughters for threatening and killing her and her sister on the issue of a sleeping with man.

A woman in a video circulated on social media is threatening Uzma Khan and her sister to tell whether they slept with one Usman.

In the social media thread user Mughal writes: “‏‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎#عثمانکیبیوی میں اتنا دم تھا کہ2 لڑکیوں کو حراساں کیا ان کی ویڈیو وائرل کی تو اسے چاہیے تھا کہ لڑکیوں کے ساتھ اپنے شوہر جو ‎#ملکریاضکاداماد اس کی بھی ویڈیو بناتی کیونکہ وہ دو لڑکیاں اس کے ساتھ سوتی تھیں تو ‎#ملکریاضکاداماد کون سا حاجی ہے وہ بھی تو ‎#عیاش ہے”

Uzma filed a complain with Lahore police against Malik Riaz’s two daughters and his 12 gunmen.

In her application, Ms Khan said: “Malik Riaz’s daughters — Amber and Pashmina — stormed into my house three days ago with 12 gunmen and threatened to kill me and my sister if we didn’t tell whether we slept with one Usman.”

Uzma Khan also tweeted saying: “I have been shamed, blackmailed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past three days. I feel I have nothing to lose now and I have decided to fight the strongest people of Pakistan.”
She further said: “For me, it is either I get justice or I will be killed but there is no turning back now. I am an orphan so you can’t kill my parents. The maximum you can do is kill me.”

Earlier a video showing Uzma with her sister standing frightened are being asked by a woman to tell whether both girls slept with Usman.

Uzma further said: “Since you’ve shamed me in front of the whole world anyway. Since I’m a woman and obviously the vulnerable and easy target, carry on but now I will fight till my last drop of blood.”

“I request Punjab police to register my FIR and conduct my and my sister’s Medical examination (my basic right) before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much Pakistani as Malik Riaz,” she said.

The million dollar question is will the Punjab police act against powerful daughters of Malik Riaz under the PTI regime? PAK DESTINY


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