Pressure mounting on SAMAA TV to apologise after its anchor’s alleged involvement in blackmailing of a youth

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) SAMA TV bites a dust and cuts a sorry figure after malaciously framing a youth in a fake case.

Later it revealed that it’s anchor Arif Ali was demanding him two Iphones from the youth to provide him relief in a case he got registered against him for having a quarrel with him on road for car racing.
ARY anchor Iqrarul Hasan raised a voice along with many others after SAMAA anchor’s audio tape demanding two expensive phones was viral on social media.

The shameless SAMAA TV did not bother to tender apology by using its platform to blackmail the youth.
This is the social media we come to know the wrongdoings of the TV channels and anchors and journalists who otherwise could not be exposed.
SAMAA must tender apology or face public lash out. Pak Destiny

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