Pakistanis want to go America and American Cynthia Ritchie loves to stay in Pakistan, why — is big money involved?

Pakistanis want to go America and American Cynthia Ritchie loves to stay in Pakistan, why -- is big money involved

By Raza Ruman

Why don’t you like your own country America when every youth here wants to go to your country, this question is being repeatedly asked from so called Pakistani based American journalist Cynthia Ritchie.

As Pakistanis aspire to go to the US, this mysterious creature wants to live in Pakistan… What big she is offered in return.
One finds major media group — Geo/Jang— which in a bid to provide a relief to its detained boss Mir Shakilur Rehman showing her a great mazloom lady and serving her and her masters to get a relief for media mughal. What a shame for Shahzad Iqbal to conduct a pleasing interview of Cynthia. He appeared a chottu. Shahzad should better do something else…

Writer Ayesha Saddiqa writes: “The media otherwise tightly controlled, it is amazing to see the American woman and details of her alleged sexual abuse get airtime, especially from anchors known for their closeness to the establishment. While there is little doubt that some of her stories may be true, Cynthia Ritchie’s saga is not about abuse of women by some feudal-minded men, but selective spilling of beans that discredits a particular party, and generates enough heat to divert attention from Imran Khan government’s poor handling of the Covid-19 crisis.”

“Cynthia Ritchie’s allegation about the involvement of three PPP leaders —Rehman Malik, Makhdoom Shahabuddin and ex-prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani — in raping or molesting her is not unbelievable. But there are certain grey areas. Despite the alleged rape, she ‘vlogged’ about Pakistan being ‘a very safe’ place. Her description and known life story told by one of her hosts (a woman working at Walmart in Texas, who later came to Pakistan) fit that of someone out to make a fortune. Indeed, during a television interview, she mentioned getting £2,000 after Rehman Malik allegedly raped her (she says she didn’t grab the cash, but eventually kept it), which means that though the act may not have been consensual, she did indirectly agree to profit from it, and keep the secret for almost nine years until she decided to or was encouraged to spill the beans.”

Saddiqa further said
There is very little known about who sponsored Cynthia Ritchie’s business visa, or other details about her stay in Pakistan since 2010. But there can be little doubt that Cynthia Ritchie was encouraged to come out with her story or systematically go after the Pakistan People’s Party at this particular time.

In fact, she had begun spreading malicious propaganda against Benazir Bhutto’s daughter, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, in January, followed by equally salacious accusations in May against the former prime minister, which resulted in an altercation between her and the PPP’s media wing, finally resulting in more filth coming out. “For a country that jealously guards its religious identity, the details she was allowed to share on television without any censorship could only have been sanctioned by the powers that be.

Let’s see how she further malign Pakistan’s political scene. Pak Destiny


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