“Koi Thookta Nahi Pakistani Passport Par” : Hamza Ali Abbasi, PEMRA issued show cause notice to BOL

In Bol news show HQ Debate on Rohingyan Muslims’ current worst condition Hamza Ali Abbasi got carried away with emotions and said very harsh words on Pakistani Nationality and its passport. If Hamza Abbasi or anyone else couldn’t control his emotions during the show he should be stripped off from it. Doing shows on critical issues is not child’s play so the anchors should be trained well to conduct their shows. Specially on such critical and emotional topics.

Later on PEMRA took notice of this and issued a show cause notice to Bol news. Below is the show casue notice from PEMRA to BOL news and that video clip where Hamza Abbasi said “Koi Thookta Nahi Pakistani Pasport Par” | PakDestiny

Video :


PEMRA Show Cause Notice to BOL News over HQ Debate

pemra show cause notice bol hamza abbasi


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