PEMRA fails to stop ‘shameless’ news channels from committing wrong in coverage of five-year-old rape victim

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Sept 20 ( The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has failed to impose fine heavily on private news channels for violating code of conduct in the coverage of a five-year-old girl who was raped a week ago in Lahore’s Mughalpura locality.
Most news channels appeared unethical and shameful by revealing the face and name of the victim girl. They also broadcast interviews of the girl’s parents.
Under the code of conduct the private media was not supposed to commit this violation. It has exposed the cruel and unethical side of our private media.
Shame on most popular and other TV channels for damaging the repute of the victim family.
PEMRA on the other hand has appeared toothless once again. PEMRA should show courage as people will appreciate it. – Pak Destiny


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