Jang/Geo group unleashed on Imran’s cronies at behest of PML-N media wizards

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By Iram Salim

(Pakdestiny.com) The PML-N media wizards have unleashed Jang/Geo media group on the PTI leaders, dragging them in Panamagate controversy.

     The Jang/Geo group is targeting two leaders of PTI – Jehangir Tareen and Abdul Aleem Khan – at the moment,  who are close to Imran Khan.
     According to sources, Mir Shakilur Rehman has given the task to malign the PTI leaders to some ‘special reporters’ in order to off set the Panama Leaks impact on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
pervaiz rashid,geo

“Pervaiz Rashid has ordered MSR to fully support PM Sharif in Panama Leaks” according to source

  The Jang group has been in thick and thin with the  N-League government since anchor Hamid Mir came under attack a couple of years ago. The PML-N government supported the Jang Group against the ISI in that saga. “Now Pervaiz Rashid has ordered MSR to fully support PM Sharif in Panama Leaks scandal and launch counter attack on the opposition by raising their tax issues. The MSR duly complies,” the sources said.
    Jehangir Tareen told a TV channel that Maryam Nawaz is behind a smear campaign against him and other leaders of PTI. “As Marayam’s name is in the Panama Leaks, she has ordered her media wizards to unleash on the PML-N opponents,” he said. Pak Destiny

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