Maryam’s ‘humble love’ for Javed Latif on Twitter for his blind love for his leader

Maryam's 'humble love' for Javed Latif on Twitter for his blind love for his leader

By Sarmad Ali

The choice of putting PMLN MNA Javed Latif‘s picture on her Twitter display picture shows the mental state of Maryam Nawaz.

This man — Javed Latif –had gone to jail in all praise of Maryam. He had said that Pakistan would not remain united if any thing happened to Maryam. A treason case registered against at him and he was sent to jail before he came out after two week on jail.

Maryam is so obsessed by Latif for his praise for her that on her Twitter DP Latif is seen all alone. Maryam’s husband Capt Safdra must be jealous of wife’s choice.

By doing so Maryam is setting an example in the party — praise her day and night and that person will be rewarded.
From the opinion of an independent observers Maryam has lowered her statute by placing Latif on her Twitter DP.

Go to Sheikhupura and find the reputation of Javed Latif — he is a rassageer land grabber.Maryam must see this or she is well aware of it that in her party majority are like Latif’s stuff.

But it is quite a shame for the woman who claims herself a democrat. PAK DESTINY


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