Pervaiz Rashid and Rana Sanaullah given the task to pick ‘retired puppet judge’ to probe PM Sharif’s sons offshore holdings

pervaiz rashid,rana sanaullah and justice retired abdul qayyum

By Iram Salim

( Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah have been given the task to choose the retired judge ‘best suited for getting the job of conducting probe of offshore companies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif done terrifically”.

Informed sources told that both ministers who are close to the Sharifs have been given the task to finalise the name of the judge, a kind of “puppet retired judge”. “Both ministers have done their work and selected the name of the judge. They have proposed the name to the PML-N leadership,” the source said.
Opposition PTI and PPP have already declared that the PML-N-picked judge would not be acceptable to investigate transfer of money abroad by the sons of Nawaz Sharif.
In the past judges like Abdul Qayyum openly took dictation from the Sharifs in deciding the cases of Benazir Bhutto. Pakdestiny

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