PIA Karachi plane tragedy: Painstaking questions being asked as why pilot couldn’t land in two attempts?

PIA Karachi plane tragedy: Painstaking questions being asked as why pilot couldn't land in two attempts?

By Irum Bokhari

Several questions are being asked in the aftermath of PIA Karachi plane tragedy in which 97 passengers and crew members were killed.

    Why the ill-fated PIA plane that tried to land twice but its wheels were not coming out, not forced to go ahead with the landing. That might have caused a much less damage.

   Why when the plane belly touched the runway before the pilot pulled it up again, was allowed to do so… why he was not forced to go ahead for belly landing.

   When the second time tried to come down the plane engines were on fire … were birds hit or there was some other cause of fire.

     On the third occasion, the plane crashed a few hundred meters from the runaway.

pia karach plane crash victims

     Why the pilot did not land in the muddy side strips of the runway instead of going up again and again, another big question being asked.

    According to the CAA sources,  the last check of the plane was done on March 21 this year and it had flown from Muscat to Lahore a day before the crash.

       “There was no defect related to the engine, landing gear or major aircraft system. The health of both engines was satisfactory and maintenance checks were being performed at intervals. The plane was declared fit for flights till Nov 5, 2020 by the CAA.”

    And after every year the airworthiness certificate was issued following a complete check of the plane. But will the PTI government make a thorough independent probe and make it public. No report in the past such PIA crashes ever come public and how come one be optimistic this time.
The whole nations heart go out for the victims families. — Pak Destiny

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