PM Khan admits he is made “mamoo” in Nawaz health case

PM Khan admits he is made "mamoo" in Nawaz health case

By Raza Ruman

Prime Minister today rued that he was apparently made “mamoo” on the health of Nawaz Sharif.

Speaking at the gathering in Mianwali Khan seemed very upset on the departure of Nawaz Sharif.

Khan said Nawaz had 15 different kinds of diseases and he was dying but when “I saw Nawaz boarding plane either he got well seeing the plane or after reaching London”.

Imran doubted the government’s medical reports and demanded investigation. Poor Khan forgot that he is a PM and he can order investigation. Khan needs to probe who made him mamoo. By crying over this will not work.

Let’s see when poor Khan will come out of shadow of Nawaz Sharif and pays full attention to the problems of the people who are trapped in price hike and inflation. Pak Destiny


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