Sharifs showing their true colors — launch a witch-hunt against Moonis Elahi and Chaudharys — only because they are not ready to leave Imran Khan

Sharifs showing their true colors -- launch a witch-hunt against Moonis  Elahi and Chaudharys

By Raza Ruman

   The Sharifs have again started showing their true colors. They are back in 1990s politics to target their political opponents.

    To save their ‘chiken’ the Sharifs feeling insecure from the Chaudharys of Gujrat in Punjab politics.

    Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered the Federal Investigation Agency to book young Moonis Elahi, former federal minister, in money laundering case. And FIA acted accordingly.

   Daring Moonis Elahi himself appeared at the FIA office and asked it to arrest him.

Talking to media, Moonis said that if the FIA wanted to arrest me, it should do it with enthusiasm. “I have come to their office myself,” he said.

   Moonis Elahi said: “When we decided to go with PTI, we knew that the Sharifs have to do such things. I have faced such revengeful actions before. We knew the true nature of Sharifs, so we did not succumb to any temptation.”

    Moonis further said: “Rana Sanaullah, do whatever you can. I stand by Imran Khan and I will stay. We are in alliance with Imran Khan, now I am ready to face retaliatory actions.” Moonis Elahi further said that all his assets have been declared. No notice or contact was made by the FIA before the case was registered.

Replying to a question, he said that Rana Sanaullah did not see the Rs 16 billion corruption of Shahbaz Sharif and his sons.

“According to merit, first of all the  father and his sons shold be in jail.”

  Moonis Elahi said that Rana Sanaullah had come to his house with the offer of Chief Minister-ship which we had turned down. “Now revengeful actions are being taken against me in the same rage. Rana Sanaullah told me that they are afraid of Imran Khan, because he beats and humiliates both” Moonis Elahi said come what may “we will not leave former prime minister Imran Khan,” Moonis declared.


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