PM: Please stop humiliating people by ‘requesting’ Taliban to consider his peace offer

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Nov 9 (Pak Destiny) While Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI chairman Iman Khan are ‘requesting’ Tliban to talk to them for ‘peace’ the militants have launched its offensive on innocent people of Pakistan to avenge the death of its chief Hakimullah Mehsued.

One fails to understand the repeated requests the PM and Mr Khan have been making to Taliban for peace. Since Fazaullah is incharge of Taliban, the bloody militants under his command do not seem pay ‘respect’ to the premier’s request.

So PM: please stop humiliating Pakistanis by extending peace talks requests to Taliban and militants every now and than.

Killing Spree: Today at least three worshipers were killed when gunmen opened fire at two different Imambargahs in Gujranwala, sparking protests from mourners and enraged members of the Shia community.

According to police reports, the first incident took place close to dawn when unknown gunmen opened fire as Mohammad Yousuf, the prayer leader (pesh-imam) of the Qasr-i-Abu Talib imambargah in Mominpura area, had just finished leading Fajr prayers. Yousuf and another person present at the mosque died on the spot.

A short while later, gunmen entered the Qasr-i-Zainabiya imambargah in Shahrukh Colony located a short distance from the first mosque and opened indiscriminate firing, killing worshiper Syed Jawed on the spot.

According the initial investigation reports by the police, the attackers had come on motorcycles and managed to escape. One eyewitness told a local TV channel that the gunmen used a silencer-fitted pistol.

The killing of the three Shia men took place on the fourth day of Ashura, the first ten days of the holy Muslim month of Muharram during which Shia Muslims mourn in remembrance of the seventh century death of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Hope such incidents be an eye opener for the premier and Mr Khan. Pak Destiny

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