PPP and PML-N likely to agree on Dr Ishrat Hussain as caretaker prime minister

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, March 15 (www.pakdestiny.com) Former Governor State Bank Dr Ishrat Hussain emerges to be the most potential candidate for the slot of the caretaker prime minister.
Sources informed Pak Destiny that the PML-N which had objections on the name of Dr Hafeez Sheikh might be finally agreed on Dr Hussain at the end of the day.
“The final round of discussion between the PPP and PML-N is underway and both parties may reach an agreement by Saturday evening,” the sources said.
They said the PML-N had been insisting on the name of Justice (R) Zahid Aslam but the PPP was not willing. “If Ishrat is chosen for the slot it will be a big win of PPP and in return the PPP will have no objection on Justice Amir Raza Khan as Punjab caretaker chief minister,” the sources said. – Pak Destiny

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