‘Racist’ comment of Nawaz Sharif invites widespread criticism

Islamabad, May 29 (www.pakdestiny.com) The ‘racist’ comment of Nawaz Sharif has invited a lot of criticism from all quarters concerned.
PPP leader Shahla Raza has taken strong exception to Sharif statement and advised him try to become a national and not a Punjabi leader.
Nawaz Sharif while addressing Yaum-i-Takbeer ceremony yesterday said: “People of Punjab has given a wise decision (by electing the PML-N), while the people of KPK has give emotional and Sindh traditional decisions in May 11 polls.”
“This is racist comment of Sharif,” Shehla Raza said and demanded apology from him. She said such comments by a future prime minister would harm the unity among the federating units.
Other political leaders have also criticised Sharif for his ‘racist’ comment and ask him to show maturity. – Pak Destiny


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