Reham Khan’s 3rd marriage. — a journey from ‘sugar daddy to sugar mummy’?

Reham Khan's 3rd marriage. -- a journey from 'sugar daddy to sugar mummy

By Raza Ruman

     Reham Khan’s journey from ‘sugar daddy to sugar mummy’ is a talk of town these days.

     After divorce from first husband Dr Ijaz, Reham Khan we ousted prime Imran Khan in 2015 — many termed that she took him as a ‘sugar daddy’ but later kicked by Khan for seeking money and other benefits from his then friend Jehangir Tareen.

     Now Reham seems to have become a ‘sugar mummy’ hooking up a man in his 30s. Reham is in her 50s.

      The ‘sugar mummy’  announced her wedding on Twitter and shared a picture with a caption “just married” last week.

     “I am delighted to share the good news with my followers & well-wishers that I have tied the knot in a simple marriage ceremony with Mirza Bilal. In the absence of my parents I want to request you for your prayers and kind wishes as I embark on my new life. Life is about love and understanding, and after a very long lonely struggle I finally met a man who impressed me with his intelligence and won me with his honesty and his composure. Although Mirza is a good 13 years younger to me, he is the sage in my life. A man I can trust. A man who will be around me in my darkest hour. A man who I feel safe with,” Reham said.

    “Like you have welcomed me in your hearts and prayers, I am sure you will extend the same warmth to the man who I have chosen to share my life with. I would like to thank Mirza’s parents for warmly welcoming me into their beautiful family, and my children for being supportive as always. Special thanks to my son for fulfilling duties of being my Vakeel,” Reham who was given the title of ‘sugar mummy’ on social media keeping in view her past record.

    Mirza is also a two time divorcee and a US national. Reham has three young children from Dr Ijaz

     Usually the sugar daddy and sugar mummy like marriages are short lived and this Reham-Mirza would not be an exception. PAK DESTINY

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