Remembering Fatima Jinnah — a tribute by Moonis Elahi

Remembering Fatima Jinnah -- a tribute by Moonis Elahi

Irum Saleem

JULY 9, 2021 marked the 54th death anniversary of Fatima Jinnah. And it is pity that our main stream media hardly runs any news in this regard. On social media too there were not many who paid tributes to Ms Jinnah on her death anniversary.

Senior PML leader and Parliamentarian Moonis Elahi paid rich tribute to the mother of nation saying “today the nation salutes to Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah who stood shoulder to should with her brother Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah for his struggle to make Pakistan.”

Mr Moonis further said Fatima Jinnah remained on forefront in the freedom movement and was a torchbearer of democracy in Pakistan.

“Nation cannot forget her dynamic role in the Pakistan Freedom Movement.She was a natural successor to her brother and guardian and Political Companion.”

Ms Jinnah was an iconic yet underappreciated figure of our history.

She helped in running the affairs of the All India Muslim League and set up the Pakistan Women’s Association to resettle women refugees from India.

Ms Jinnah also championed the causes of democracy by fearlessly challenging Field Marshal Ayub Khan’s rule.
Ms Jinnah contested in the presidential election of 1965 but was defeated in the indirectly held elections.

She is a role model for many young women. More research needs to be done on her life. She broke conventions, challenged existing norms and defied a military dictator. Her rebellious side must be organised in any recounting of her life, as it contains invaluable lessons for us today.

She was a natural successor to her brother and guardian.

Mansor Ali Khan says “All that matters is who stays through your storms.The great Fatima Jinnah stood through the storms of her brother and vicariously through those of Muslims of Hindustan. Let’s follow her footsteps to make Pakistan great.”

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