Moonis gives good tidings to the nation about Pakistan’s biggest hydropower project

Moonis gives good tidings to the nation about Pakistan's biggest hydropower project

By Raza Ruman

Federal Minister for Water Resources Moonis Elahi today gave good tidings to the nation about the country’s biggest hydropower plant.

The Pak-China power project resumed after a gap of three months.
The Chinese company, which had suspended work on 4300 megawatts Dasu hydropower project following the death of 13 people including nine Chinese workers in a bus blast on July 13 this year, resumed work on Monday (today).

Moonis Elahi says in a tweet

“‏قوم کےلیےبڑی خبر!داسو ہائیڈرو پاور پروجیکٹ کی تعمیر آج سےدوبارہ شروع۔4300میگاواٹ بجلی پیدا کرنےکی صلاحیت کا حامل یہ پاکستان میں پن بجلی کاسب سے بڑا منصوبہ، پاک چین دوستی کاایک اورسنگ میل! الحمدللہ پاکستان دشمنوں کی ‎#DasuHydropowerProject سبوتاژ کرنے کی سازش ناکام ہوگئی۔”

“There is a good new for the nation that
work on 4300 megawatts Dasu hydropower project is resumed today. This is the biggest hydropower project is Pakistan and is reflective of a strong friendship between Pakistan and China,” the Federal Minister announced today.
The security of Dasu project area has been substantially improved by Wapda and the site work will be resumed gradually from October 25, 2021.

According to requirements of the site work all those, who worked with the CGGC before, were informed through the notice to get ready to return to work.

The resumption of work on the World Bank-funded project could only be possible following continued talks between the Pakistani and CGGC.

The PTI government had deployed army’s bridges in Kohistan following the Dasu bus explosion that would escort Chinese engineers and workers to work sites and respective camps via Karakoram Highway.

Mr Moonis said the enemies of Pakistan failed miserably as they couldn’t sabotage this project. “Our enemies faced humiliation and Pakistan will shine and progress,” Moonis said. PAK DESTINY

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