Saad Rafique’s troubles doubled down after disclosure of his second marriage to a PTV girl

saad rafique second wife shafaq hira nab paragon city

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) PMLN leader Saad Rafique’s troubles have doubled down since he had to disclose his second marriage in election nomination papers.

On the one hand he is facing NAB corruption inquiry into Paragon Housing and on the other immense pressure from his first wife to say good bye to his second wife Dr Hira. Hira, a host at PTV, is being looked after by the current PTV management on the instruction of PMLN leadership.

Earlier she was looked after and promoted by Ata ul Qasmi at PTV On insistence of Saad Rafique.
She held on to th e same show /timing and co-staff for a very long time. Interestingly the first wife of Saad has been declared owner of a hotel in the US after NABs probe as most of his benami property is in her name.

“Saad first wife has threatened him either to leave Hira or she will spill the beans about his illegal and un-declared assets. She also plans to move London.” There are reports thay Saad has recently givn certain assurances KSR to the establishment in case a major blow is to be inflicted to Nawaz Sharif at an opportune time.

Saad is trying hard to save his neck from NAB and the first wife. Let’s see how much success he finds. Pak Destiny

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