Anusha Rehman and Saad Rafique in ‘cellphone snatching’ scandal – video of their private talk deleted

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Federal state minister Anusha Rehman today snatched a cellphone of a journalist on the premises of Supreme Court and deleted a video he made of her and Saad Rafique.

Journalist Azam Gill of 7-News was making video capturing some private talk of Anusha Rehman and Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique. When Ms Anusha realised that both ministers talk has been captured in the video that could have created big trouble for the PML-N camp she snatched his cellphone and deleted it.

azam gill

Journalist Azam Gill

Anusha also threatened the journalist to get him arrested through Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and send him jail. On this Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique intervened but Anusha had taken the possession of the journalist’s mobile and deleted the video.
Later journalists protested the attitude of Anusha. To add fuel to fire, Saad Rafique lashed at journalists and labelled them PTI workers. On this journalists took Saad Rafique on and chanted slogans against him.

While Anusha refused to apologize Saad Rafique said he would not condemn this act of her. After the incident several media persons severely criticised both ministers for their attitude towards media.
Anchor Mubashir Lucman told 7-News that FIR should be registered against Anusha Rehman for her act. Lucman said Saad Rafiq instead of resolving the matter further threatened media persons. “Saad Rafique’s attitude is not democratic. He sent railways police to occupy Royal Palm Country Club and he failed to fix other issues of the railways. Besides there is a lot of corruption in railways and Saad Rafique spent hours on daily basis to defend the alleged corruption of his leadership outside the Supreme Court,” he said.

SAMMA anchors TV also criticised Saad Rafique for calling journalists with bad names. Anusha and Saad are further earning bad name for their leadership. – Pak Destiny

Azam Gill giving details of the incident


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