Sajal Ali not interested in any Bollywood offer

Unlike her contemporaries, Sajal Ali does not seem to foster any Bollywood ambitions. Speaking to the Roznama Express the actor said that, “If I can achieve the same level of fame and respect in my country why would I want to go to Bollywood?”

Yet to make her film debut, the actor is still waiting for the right script and character. “As soon as I find a script and character to my liking I would say yes but I would not perform an item number.”

Having already established herself as a leading lady on television, Sajal said that she could not guarantee that her film debut would be successful, terming it as a completely “different process.” “It is heartening to see an improvement in the quality of films being made in Pakistan and that movies are no longer being played in empty cinemas,” she added.
Sajal Ali not interested in any Bollywood offer (2)

Although she does not consider working in Bollywood as something on the top of her list, she did mention that Pakistani actors who return after working in the Indian film industry are viewed differently. “Bollywood is a completely different film culture and actors over there perform scenes and wear clothes according to that culture but I don’t want to work like that.”

Sajal added that Pakistani drama serials are being appreciated in India and that she constantly receives a positive response from her Indian fans through social media.

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