A not so offensive term that haunts Pak PM Khan

selected prime minister of pakistan

By Raza Ruman

One wonders who is the counsel of Prime Imran Khan and why the premier is so upset being called “selected”.

Although one may not like Geo anchor Saleem Safi for different reasons but perhaps he made an an apt comment on the ban of calling insecure PM Khan ‘selected’ in National Assembly.

Safi tweets: “‏وزیراعظم کو چور کہا گیا لیکن پابندی نہیں لگی۔ ڈاکو کہا گیا لیکن پابندی نہیں لگی۔ غدار کہا گیا لیکن پابندی نہیں لگی۔ مطلب یہ کہ پی ٹی آئی والے بھی مانتے ہیں کہ سیلیکٹڈ ہونا چور،ڈاکواور غدار ہونے سے بھی بدتر ہے۔

One asks Mr Khan why you take it heart if your are not selected. Why don’t you give a damn to this term of selective. Perhaps Khan is guilty conscious and gets up set when he hears this term. Seems like it haunting him.

Mr Khan don’t make fun of yourself and don’t bother if someone calls you selected as you yourself called other leaders with rather bad names.
But perhaps your guilty conscious may not let you have a peaceful sleep. Pak Destiny

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