400 PTI workers arrested – First real test of Imran’s lovers

pti worker arrest
By Iram Saleem

(Pak Destiny) Police so far have arrested more than 400 activists of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in a crackdown in Punjab province, officials and PTI leaders said.

“Police have so far detained more than 400 PTI and PML-Q workers in different districts of Punjab,” a senior PTI leader told PakDestiny. He said the Punjab police have been tasked to detain all PTI workers by Friday evening. “The figure will swell to thousands in next 24 hours,” he said.
On Friday police will arrest the PTI workers come out on road to protest the police baton charge on PTI youth and women in Islamabad.
PTI chairman Imran Khan has given a call for countrywide protests for October 27 after Islamabad police stormed PTI’s youth convention in Islamabad and arrested scores of party activists. “We told the government that we would remain peaceful if they had remained peaceful. Now the movement will take a different direction,” said the PTI chairman.
He reiterated the call for countrywide protests on Friday and said the police can arrest him if they want “under Section 144”.
Imran also questioned the current democratic system in the country and said, “What kind of a democracy is in Pakistan when we are jailed for practicing our democratic right”.
PTI workers are facing their first real test. They will learn from going to jail. Pak Destiny


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