Sethi comes under attack by Naji and company for defaming journalism profession

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, March 31 ( Nazir Naji and some other journalists have severely criticised Najam Sethi for using journalism profession to get the charming post of caretaker chief minister.
Naji in his column targeted Sethi for being a ‘yellow’ journalist using his profession to press the poor Sharifs to get the coveted post.
Though Sethi is now a caretaker chief minister but he says his ‘first priority is Geo program Apas ki Baat’. What a lovely priority. Isn’t it.
He also discloses he has accepted the caretaker chief minister slot with a ‘heavy heart’. The poor Sethi is so burdened by his new job. Why he doesn’t consider quit. Good luck to him. – Pak Destiny

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