Sethi serves notice on Talat for calling him Riaz Malik’s ‘tout’‏

By Sania Sharif

Islamabad, June 8 ( Geo TV anchor Najam Sethi has served legal notice on Dawn TV anchor Talat Husain for leveling false allegations against him.
Talat who appeared very frustrated in his show which he conducted on Bahria Town property tycoon Malik Riaz the other day he took on Sethi for his relations with Riaz.
Out of sheer frustration he directly accused Sethi of taking favours from Malik. He said Sethi’s chiria (sparrow) in fact is Malik Riaz from whom he takes all the information of the power corridors.
Talat did not stop here. He said like Sethi many others anchors and journalists would try to absolve Riaz of the scam because they had a lot of favours from him.
In his ‘professional’ reporting Talat in his hatred of Riaz and Sethi he had established that poor Dr Arsalan Iftikhar (CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry’s son) was trapped by Riaz by giving Rs400 million or more.
The poor baby of the CJ came to know his mistake after spending half of the amount in European destinations and their colourful night clubs. All evidence is with Riaz, believes Talat.
Sethi rebutted Talat’s allegations in his program saying “he is jealous of me and Geo” . “Talat’s program rating on Dawn TV is very low and to raise it he is taking on personalities like me,” Sethi said.
Talat believes that Sethi and adviser to interior ministry Rehman Malik had gone to London to give evidence they were provided by Riaz to journalist Christina Lamb who is going to publish the real story in British press in coming Sunday.
Riaz reportedly will continue to feign his ‘illness’ in London to avoid appearance in the Supreme Court. (


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