Shahbaz finally manages to edge out Maryam – he is gloating in the air… but who knows where PMLN will be in 2018 election

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Mayam Nawaz is finally out of the race of premiership and party president, it is official now finally.The battle who will succeed Nawaz in 2018 election has been decided apparently.

Nawaz himself voted out his daughter Maryam for upcoming election. Shahbaz is happy to be nominated for prime minister slot by his elder brother despite opposition by Maryam.

The party sources familiar with the development told Pak Destiny that Maryam was opposed to the idea of handing over the reins of the party to Shahbaz. Nawaz told her that it would be very difficult for him to nominate her head of the party leading 2018 election. ”


Nawaz himself voted out his daughter Maryam for upcoming election

Dawn also mentioned in its editorial that “Maryam Nawaz is not part of the immediate succession plans, though that may change. Truly, the Sharifs have morphed into something worse than the Bhuttos.”
Shahbaz must be gloating in the air after seeing his chances to don prime minister cap if PMLN wins 2018 election. But there is many a slip between the cup and lip… Mr Shahbaz. PMLN will be tested as most of its men are bunch of opportunists. Seeing the wind blowing to any other side they will run for cover under that umbrella holding by someone else and not Shahbaz.

Maryam is afraid that Shahbaz is likley not take away with him the party and she may become subservient to him after next election. — Pak Destiny


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