A dialogue between a master and a servant on Panama handling situation

By Fayyaz Butt

(Pak Destiny) What is a “Time and motion study” I tell you by narrating a story of a master and his servant. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

The master sitting on a chair on the corner table of a small coffee shop while his servant, the initials of his name is – NH – busy messaging his feet sitting on the floor.

NH: Master: I am tired of this job and want some early retirement. Honestly speaking, I want to die! As, I am your loyal servant, I do want to do something for you before my death. Do you need anything from me?

Master: An early retirement, death! Fine but honestly speaking you may be then useless for me.

NH: No Master you can use my heart, lungs, liver any argon you need even my whole body!

Master: What are you talking about!

NH: My lord, it is real time to use me – I learned it in ‘TIME AND MOTION STUDY’.

Master: Ohay , what is time and motion study?

NH: This study describes which move is most beneficial at a particular time?

Master Ok, then I need something more than your offer!

NH, even more than my body!

Master Yes!

NH, Ok Sir!

Master: I need your soul.

NH, Ok Sir!

Master: Meet Mr. X, he’ll give you the task and all about.

NH, after meeting Mr. X came back and said Ok Sir, I got it. But this is not a win-win situation. Master this is your win, where is mine?

Master: Ohay, hone aya key aya ? (Now, what is this?)

NH: Master, It is a business where both parties earn profits. Sir, I leaned from you that the result of every move there must be a start of new business; therefor I need something against my soul. This is my win!

Master: Besides messaging my feet what maximum you can do is – Bark at my opponents and you will be rewarded according to your status… That’s all.
And so did NH did – He barked with full pitch of his voice and now waiting his turn to be rewarded. – Pak Destiny


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