Shaheen Sehbai asks Mujeebur Rehman Shami to stop giving sermons

Shaheen Sabhai asks Mujeebur Rrhman Shami to stop giving sermons

By Raza Ruman

One veteran journalist takes on another veteran venting out his hatred. Shaheen Sehbai hits Mujeebur Rehman Shami for just being in the profession.

Sehbai tweets “MJB SHAMI ON TV: I cant say why I hear his FAKE Sermons on DunyaTV. He thinks he’s the cleanest, whitewashed, most honest, objective journalist/analyst in Town. My DirtyLeft Shoe. I fear abt those who allow him on TV. He is a Corrupt FILTHY BLACK SPOT on Journalism. WUD YOU PL GO”.

Sehbai just wants Shami out of TV business. This tweet of him shows his disgust for his old pal.

Shami has not yet responded to Sehbai’s gift.
Let’s hope the veteran journalists come to term one day. Pak Destiny


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