Sharif family in the dock after BBC’s report that reveals it owned London flats since 1990s

By Iram Salim

 (Pak Destiny)  After the BBC report that properties owned by the Sharif family in London’s upscale Park Lane neighbourhood were purchased in the 1990s and there has been no change of ownership since then the Sharif family seems to be in the dock.

The BBC report has created a fresh trouble for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children – Hasan, Hussain and Maryam – who may find it tough to defend themselves in the Supreme Court in connection with Panamagate.

According to official documents available with BBC Urdu, the four flats were purchased in the name of the Nielsen and Nescoll companies.

According to official documents these apartments have been under the ownership of Nescolland Nielsen since 90’s

The official record of companies doing business in the United Kingdom reveals that when Hassan Nawaz established Flagship Investment Ltd in 2001, the address he provided at the time of registration of the company was that of his Park Lane apartment.  After the Panama Papers were published, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s son, Hussain Nawaz, had accepted the family’s ownership of Nielsen and Nescoll.

These appartments where in use during PM Nawaz exile

Hussain had said: “The Park Lane apartments in London are ours, two offshore companies, Nielsen and Nescoll, own these flats and I am the beneficial owner of these companies, working under a trust held by my sister Maryam Nawaz Sharif.”

Address of Park Lane flats is printed on Hasan Nawaz’s official correspondence.

BBC says the department that deals with sales and purchase of land in the UK show that the first flat was purchased by Nescoll Limited on Jan 1, 1993. “The second and third flats where purchased on July 31, 1995 by Nielsen Enterprise. The fourth flat was purchased by Nescoll Limited on July 30, 1996.”

Will PML-N government give BBC’s report the credence it had given to New York report about Axact company/BOL media group? Pak Destiny

You can read BBC Urdu’s story on this here


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