German Paper has opened another Pandora box in Panama case – proving Maryam link

maryam nawaz,

By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) After German newspaper — Süddeutsche Zeitung – tweet that documents to ‘help Pakistanis form their own opinion on the role of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif‘s daughter Maraym Nawaz in Panamagate, making them available the Sharifs almost losing complete moral ground to stick to power.

“For those in Pakistan who doubt the role of the prime minister’s daughter Mariam Safdar in Panama Papers – some of the documents. Judge yourself,” Süddeutsche Zeitung tweeted, along with attachments purporting to show her involvement with Minerva Financial Services. Maryam Safdar is her legal name after marriage.

It tweeted “Pakistan who doubt the role of the prime ministers daughter Mariam Safdar in #panamapapers – some of the docs. Judge yourself.” The German Paper also “Minerva Financial Services Limited Personal Information”, which contains the personal details of Maryam Safdar.
The document says – family’s wealth and businesses which spreads over 60 years. A copy of the premier’s daughter’s old passport also accompanied the tweet.
Süddeutsche Zeitung was the first news outlet to receive the 11.5 million secret files from Panamagate, which included the names of Pakistanis with offshore holdings.
There has been a wide spread speculation that after BBC and German Papers revelations the Sharifs are left with no moral ground and now its time to separate themselves from the government. Maryam is also finding it hard to defend herself after German Paper’s revelations. – Pak Destiny


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