Sheikh Rashid and Fayyaz Chohan running away from media after Hareem Shah’s explosive audio/video scandal

Sheikh Rashid and Fayyaz Chohan running away from media after Hareem Shah's explosive audio/video scandal

By Raza Ruman

After explosive audio and video released by Tik Tok girls — Hareem and Sundal– about ministers Sheikh Rashid and Fayzul Hasan Chohan both big mouth are hiding from media these days to avoid it’s hard questions about their relations with these two girls.

Both Rashid and Chohan cancelled their press conferences following their video and audio scandal. The big mouth who never stop renting about the opposition leaders and their scandals are now sunk in muddy water finding it hard how to face media.

Sheikh Rashid being an old player of politics found it perfect time to go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umra. Chohan is learnt to have hit hard by his family for his alleged involvement with the girls of questionable reputation.
On social media both these ministers are being brutally trolled. Many questioned as how every morning one PTI leader follows another is found conceded with Hareem Shah.

On the other hand, Hareem threatened to come up with more objectionable videotapes of PTI men including the top one. Even Hareem has declared that SHEIKH Rashid had entered into “Nikah Mitah” with her friend. “Sheikh Rashid is my brother-in-law,” Hareem disclosed.

Let’s see how the PTI manages to do the damage control. And how smartly Hareem Shah continues to play her cards. Pak Destiny


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