Sheikh Rashid eats back his words after Moonis schools him

Sheikh Rashid eats back his words after Moonis schools him

By Raza Ruman

    After Moonis Elahi’s strong response, Sheikh Rashid apologizes from the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and taken back his  ‘blackmailing’ comments. 

     “My remarks were general and not directed towards any particular party.

    “I neither named the Q league nor the Chaudhrys. I only said it in general.. the problem is that when I say something even of it goes against me, it gets airtime the full 24 hours.

Chaudhry Shujaat is my brother. God bless him with health  and I will never speak against him.”

   Earlier,  Sheikh Rashid had accused PML-Q of “blackmailing” the government for Punjab’s chief minister slot.

     Moonis hit him back and hit him back strongly.

  “Sheikh Rashid used to take money from the party’s elders during his student life”.

    This statement showed Rashid mirror and schooled him well. Perhaps this strong smack forced Rashid to eat up his words and apologize from the Chaudhrys.

    Rashid must be regretting to create misunderstanding for his blackmailing comment.

     Rashid having one seat in National Assembly managed to get interior ministry from PM Imran Khan through blackmail or else.

    Like Khan, Rashid seems to be under immense pressure because of no confidence trust of opposition against the prime minister.

   Rashid needs to be careful in targeting his benefactors in the future.  PAK DESTINY

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