Talat’s departure from Geo is being made controversial?

By Raza Ruman

It is interesting to see that many especially the political leaders believe that Geo News anchor Talat Hussain is leaving Geo/Jang group on the pressure of the establishment.

Seasoned politician Bushra Gohar tweeted that “they came for Talat Hussain”. She should have better asked Talat whether he is being fired from Geo by Mr Shakil or he gets a big offer from any other TV channel to make extra bucks.

Such politicians may face extreme embarrassment after knowing that Talat leaving Geo on salary issue and he is promised big amount by some other channel like GNN or SAMAA.

Talat is anti-PTI and tweeter is best platform he speaks out his heart and mind there against it. On TV channel he simply makes bucks… isn’t he? Pak Destiny

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