Sanam Baloch – the fourth Pak female anchor who did a ‘pleasure seeking’ program on prostitutes and moral policing

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, Jan 1 (Pak Destiny) Doing programs on ‘prostitutes’ has become more or less a ‘pleasure seeking’ attempt by some Pakistani electronic media female hosts these days.

After Maya khan, Dr Maria Zulifqar and Zara Gull, Sanam Baloch of Samaa TV did a latest humiliating program on prostitutes/moral policing in her Monday morning show – Sanam Baloch Subah Savery Samaa Ke Saath.

What tharak (taste) these ladies drive by making fun of the prostitutes is hard to understand. Interestingly, no main male anchor has so far tried to do the show the female anchors are so keen to do so.

In Monday’s show, Sanam Baloch was yelling at the prostitutes asking them ‘why the hell you are doing this’. Accompanied by police, she was literally terrorizing them like the police do in police stations.

She was passing orders like “take these men to police station, dont spare them”. When she was not satisfied with the answer of one of them she asked a ‘captured’ boy – “Why you doing this…. he replied – what should I say ‘lat pargai thi’ … “

Sanam should better read some literature to understand about subjects like sex and prostitution to know the answer she was looking for. She may be exposing the ‘ills of society’ but the way she was treating the arrested prostitutes and men she looked more like a ‘notorious cop’ than an anchor. Its pity our TV media is allowing the ‘society girls’ to do such programs in such an ‘unethical’ manner. – Pak Destiny


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