PPP brings in PM Khan’s alleged daughter and Aleema’s illegal assets issue to have perfect match with him

By Nazim Malik

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PPP stalwart Shehla Raza reopened the case of Imran Khan’s alleged daughter Tyrian and demanded him to disclose this asset of him .

In a tweet she said: “‏اثاثہ چھپانا جرم،لیکن اثاثہ لاڈلے رشید کا ہو جسے وہ برسوں چھپائے رکھےپھر ثابت ہونے پر کہے”غلطی ہو گی تو معافی مل جایے،بہن صاحبہ اربوں کے اثاثے کو دو کروڑ سولہ لاکھ کا کہے تو کوی منی ٹریل نہ پوچھے،ایک سوال یہ “کیا اولاد اثاثہ نہیں جوکچھ لوگ چھپائے ہوے ہیں مگر کوئی پوچھنے والا نہیں

She also questioned as why Imran’s sister Aleema is given a clean chit in making billions and she is allowed to get away only to pay a little amount in fine to purify her assets of billions.

Shehla ‘s scathing attack on PM Khan for “tightening noose around Zardari and company.” The PPP is upset that it’s leader is going to behind the bar.

In such a scenario PPP has decided to raise the issue of Imran’s alleged daughter from her girlfriend Sita White and Aleema’s billions to have a perfect befitting response. Pak Destiny


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