Hajra becomes millionaire by targeting Imran Khan by her book ‘Where the Opium Grows’ — but has this ‘filth-contained stuff’ achieved its purpose? Debate ensues on social media

Hajra becomes millionaire by targeting Imran Khan by her book 'Where the Opium Grows' -- but has this 'filth-contained stuff' achieved its purpose? Debate ensues on social media

By Raza Ruman

    “Another failed & ridiculous project — Where the Opium Grows — like that of Reham Khan’s sponsored book.” This was a frequent kind of comment on social media on actress Hajra Khan’s book which exclusively targeted PTI chief Imran Khan.

     A paid project at a time when all efforts are underway to tarnish his image so that his rival political players manage to wing upcoming polls. What a pity on them.

    “The whole politics after #RegimeChangeOperation is roaming around #ImranKhan’s “Sex appeal”, #NawazSharif’s Thank for inaccessible Ladies & #MaryamNawaz’s love for pornography,” says Iftikhar Chaudhri on X.

     The second rated actress Hajra Khan has emerged somewhere from obscurity dedicated to 40 per cent of her book to ‘dirty love affair with Imran Khan.’

      Hajra discussed her career and forthcoming book during an appearance on private TV channel, unveiling the evolution of her memoir over the years.

  Originally penned in 2014 she revealed that the initial manuscript was relatively concise and remained unpublished due to legal complications. However, she has since expanded the book with additional material, now poised for publication because the stage for set to target Khan.

   Leaving entertainment industry in 2014 she relocated to the UK after being missed by Imran Khan, she alleged.

   Born into a Pashtun family in Quetta, Balochistan, she said she first met Imran at her birthday party in Karachi.

Acknowledging Imran Khan’s iconic status within her family, Hajra Khan expressed admiration for his welfare initiatives and detailed her involvement in supporting his philanthropic endeavors.

Portraying Imran Khan as uniquely different from his public persona, she disclosed her encounters with him over several years, noting his complexity and contrasting nature and sex life.

Beyond Imran Khan, the book touches upon industry dynamics, tackling nepotism, entrenched norms, and even addressing sensitive issues like the ‘casting couch’ prevalent in showbiz, delving into her own experiences.

   Hajra must have made millions but at the cost of her losing her character, openly admitted how she was misused by sex manics… indirectly admitting she was herself a sex manic.

   Hajra’s book definitely makes her millionaire but the purpose for which ‘targeting Khan’ may not be achieved. PAK DESTINY

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