Tanveer Zamani says ‘ I am not the wife of Zardari’ finally discloses the name of her husband

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad (Pakidestiny.com) Finally Tanveer Zamani has confessed that she is not married to Asif Ali Zardari.
“My husband name is Dr Tahsin Javed Siddiqui,” Zamani said after ARY anchor Wasim Badami showed papers from NADRA which she could not deny.

Now anchor Nadim Malik of SAMAA TV must apologize for his attempt to make her the lawful wife of Zardari.
Who was behind this controversy – establishment or PML-N – only time will tell. Zardari comes out clean at least in this story. But what will become of the other ‘corruption’ stories he is allegedly involved?
Now Zamani’s chapter is over. It is not clear why she was giving a series of interviews to different madari anchors since she was not the wife of Zardari or PPP activist. Kuch to hai jis par parda hai (there is something fishy). Pakdestiny

Wasim Badami’s program 11th Hour where she disclosed about her marriage

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