Dollar girl Ayyan Ali living in apartment of a former minister in Dubai, may not return soon to Pakistan

ayyan ali,dubai,burj khalifa,appartment

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) Dollar girl Ayyan Ali has been living in a luxurious apartment of a former federal minister in Dubai for the last eight months when she managed to get relief in money laundering case.

It is not difficult to guess who had provided safe exit in Pakistan and who is bearing her expenses in Dubai. Since she is having good time out there and making a lot of money she has no plans to return the country. The former minister is taking good care of her on the direction of someone and also keeping an eye on her activities.

ayyan ali,dubai,burj khalifa

“Chilling at home top of the world #Burjkhalifa #Dubai” : Ayyan Ali

Ayyan was arrested on March 14, 2015, on the charges of money laundering after Customs officials recovered $506,000 from her luggage at the Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport before she could board a flight to Dubai.
A Customs court in November 2015 indicted Ayyan for attempting to smuggle out more than $500,000, to which she pleaded ‘not guilty’.
She was granted bail in July 2015 after spending nearly four months in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail — and after her judicial remand was extended at least 16 times. Pak Destiny


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