Nawaz buys a religious party with one Senate ticket

Nawaz buys a religious party with one Senate ticket, jamiat ahle hadith prof sajid mir

By Raza Ruman

Nawaz Sharif has virtually bought one religious party — Jamiat Ahle Hadith — by awarding Senate seat to it’s chief Prof Sajid Mir.

It is not only this Senate polls Nawaz has been awarding him Senate ticket for decades.

Nawaz Sharif who has recently launched “give respect to the ballot” is still good at buying individuals and parties.

Despite huge opposition in the PMLN not to give Senate ticket to Sajid Mir, Nawaz on Thursday gave him the ticket only to make his religious party loyal to the Sharifs.

In this gutter politics, be it the PTI or PMLN these have no principle but they always ready to sacrifice anything to come into power.

Youthias and Patwaris need to wake up and don’t follow their leaders blindly. PAK DESTINY

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